Sunday, September 20, 2015

Thompson Creek Gutters

If you've ever purchased from the typical home remodeling companies like Long Fence, Thompson Creek, Andersen, and more, you've probably had to sit through the same insanely long high pressure sales presentation.  The window salespeople always bring the same French Fry heat lamp and walk through the same demonstrations.  The gutter and roofing people always bring the same cross sections of their products and their competitors.  It's probably the worst purchasing experience ever.

I've decided I'm going to post my invoice online for these types of crappy presentations.  Posting this will allow you as a consumer to either use it as leverage or avoid yourself the hassle of dealing with these salespeople.  So I ended up getting charged $1972.00 for 60 linear feet of gutter, and 40 feet of downspouts.  If you get quoted any more than this, flash this blog post and PWN.  More to come when I find the invoices for my sliding glass door from Long Home Improvements with their Heat Mirror technology.

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