Monday, April 16, 2018

The Best Dress/Business Casual Skate Shoe.

Look semi-professional and are comfortable when broken in.
If you're like me, you're probably a 30-something who works a normal job but still likes to shred every now and again.  As such, I was constantly in search of dual purpose shoes I could commute on my longboard or e-board in to the office and not have to change shoes afterwards.  To give some background, I work in an office that has a more casual business casual attire where most of the staff tends to wear jeans and a polo daily.  My normal skate shoes kinda pushed the boundaries with the whole "dress code" so I decided to try to find something a little more "professional".  This is where I discovered the Huf Dylan's.  You can buy these from Amazon here.  These shoes took some time to
break in.  I wore them around the house for a day or so, and skated one time in them before having to take a break.  The tops of my feet and heel were so sore from the pressure the elastic tongue put on my foot.  I kept at it and now I can say that I absolutely love these things.

The vulcanized construction is great, the board-feel is decent, and the dual purpose styling is amazing.  I've worn these for a little over a week now and they still look great.  I personally wouldn't use these for anything more than longboarding... I think a few ollies and tre-flips would definitely show wear on the grain leather variants of this, so I'd probably avoid technical skating in this if your intent is to wear these to commute and while at work.
Sole is waffle-style and fairly grippy.
If you're not super concerned with traditional American formal attire, you could even wear these with a suit, as I did a week ago at my sister's wedding.  In a dark navy suit, no one even noticed I was wearing skateboard shoes. 
They fly below the radar at work too, here's them with jeans.
If you feel like supporting the blog or feel I helped you out, you can use my amazon affiliate link to purchase.

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