Monday, March 19, 2018

TouchBar Macbook Pro Thunderbolt Port Not Working

I was in a weird spot one day and needed to make use of a particular thunderbolt/usb-c port on my 2016 TouchBar Macbook Pro to charge it.  To my surprise, the port was not recognizing my charger, so I just tried to plugin my iPhone.  I happened to have my Apple USB-C to Lightning cable on me so I tried that with my iPhone, and nothing happened. 
The port was not working at all, couldn't charge or transfer data over that particular port.  I was really dreading having to take this laptop back to the Apple Store again, so I thought I'd try to reset the SMC before making the trek.  Thankfully this process resolved the issue.  So if you ever find yourself with a dud USB-C/TB3 port on your tbMBP, try this first, it might save you some time.

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